[#12] a day at the bunker

[#12] a day at the bunker

Thank you for choosing ADA Bunker Incorporated! 

We will be closing the gate shortly, so please step off the elevation platform quickly but without haste. Simply follow the blue illuminated line and move to the left or right side. First, your identity (and therefore your successful payment to ADA Bunker Inc) will be checked – in addition, your state of health will be checked via a further scan. If there are any problems in any of the above areas, someone from our security staff will take you to the quarantine area. Please follow our staff members without resistance. 

Furthermore, after the scan you will be given a shower and a change of clothes in the changing room. 

And then you have already made it! 

Welcome to ADA Bunker Inc! We look forward to welcoming and looking after you in our high-security bunker!

You will find your personally assigned sleeping room on sublevel 2. Here you will also find other common rooms, the canteen and bathrooms. You will find the room ID on your identity chip. 

Sublevels 3 and 4 are largely closed to people seeking protection and only contain technical equipment. But you can easily recognize the security doors by the red color and the safety precautions on the door – so don’t worry about getting lost by mistake!

We wish you a pleasant stay!


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What does this content pack include?

for casual, creative & thorough gm´s:

This time the maps are a little bit different again:
You´ll get maps of a huge bunker facility with 5 different level –
from the ground (level 0) down to sublevel 4.
And those as “normal” and “abandoned” versions – and level 0 with a ground and rooftop variant additionally

These come as

  • as 300 & 100ppi JPG files with and without grid and
  • as 300ppi PDF files with grid


+ Floorplan Handouts – so your players can plan their infiltration properly (thumbnail example of LVL -1):


for creative & thorough gm´s:

About 70 individual Assets in different variations – around 430 in total.

Each of these come as

  • 100ppi PNG files
  • 300ppi PNG files

+ The Dungeondraft [Creative GMs] Pack:

– including all assets as Dungeondraft objects and additional Dungeondraft specific content – such as paths, textures, colorable assets and more

+ 2 (30×30) rocky background images as 100ppi & 300ppi JPGs


for thorough gm´s:

The bunker Prefabs & Rooms:

8 individual Prefabs – 61 in total +

22 individual Rooms – 313 in total + door & wall overlays

each of these come as 100ppi & 300ppi PNG files

These are integrated with all the Assets and things from thr creative GMs in the Dungeondraft [Thorough GMs] file – so you have all assets, rooms and prefabs in one file.

Most Rooms come as a “normal” and “abandoned” Version. 

Here are some examples (scaled to fit):

Most of the rooms in the maps are made with the premade rooms (so maybe that gives a further impression on whats available)

The following room types (most) with different variations are part of the bunker pack:

air filtration –  BASE rooms –   bathrooms –  brig –  Cryo-chambers  – elevator – gate room –  kitchen –   leisure area – locker – power generation – scanner –  security –  shafts  – shower –  sleeping quarters – stairs –  water purification – laboratory – hydroponics – storage


Also Thorough GMs get the Dungeondraft files of the maps I created for this content pack.


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