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Choose the plan that’s right for you.

You can get my content on different platforms.

Such as:

– Patreon

– Roll20 Marketplace


[excluding VAT]

from 4,00€ to 9,50€ / month

All Patrons get:

  • Patreon exclusive Cloud access
  • Patreon exclusive polls for future content pack themes
  • Access the complete back catalogue of the respective tier 
  • Extended access to the a day at Discord Server

Detailed Encounter Maps

  • as gridded and gridless versions
  • as VTT Friendly 100ppi Images
  • as High Resolution 300ppi Images
  • as Print Versions (with 1 Inch squares as 300ppi PDFs with grid)

Everything from the CASUAL GM


Themed Asset packs

  • as 100ppi and 300ppi png files

The Dungeondraft [creative GMs] Packs

  • Assets as Dungeondraft Objects
  • Dungeondraft specific content – such as paths, textures, colorable assets and more

Separate Backgrounds (if applicable)

Everything from the CASUAL GM & CREATIVE GM


Modular rooms and prefabs with transparent backgrounds *

  • in different variants
  • as Dungeondraft Objects
  • as VTT Friendly 100ppi Images
  • as High Resolution 300ppi Images

Separate Backgrounds (if applicable)*

The Dungeondraft Map files (if applicable)*

Access to the back catalogue of all “classic” modular map tiles and unfurnished BASE versions from the content packs #1 to #10

* Applies to new releases starting November 2023


[including VAT]

from 4.99$ to 9.99$ / content pack

  • no monthly subscription
  • VTT friendly files in 100ppi solution
  • Does not count against the Roll20 storage quota
  • Access your content easily via the roll20 interface

At least 4 already assembled battlemaps

  • as daytime & nighttime variants
  • gridless versions
  • as 100ppi jpg files


Individual map modules in different variants

  • as daytime & nighttime variants
  • as gridless versions
  • as 100ppi png files

3 Modular Map Theme Bundles in one

WHAt Does

“Excluding VAT” means that depending on your location as a customer, an additional value added tax / sales tax will be added to the displayed price.

“Including VAT” means that the tax is already included in the price. So you pay the shown price – regardless of your location.

What Vendor is the
right choice for me?

This is completely dependent on your preferences.

Take a look at the comparison above to see what content you can get on the different platforms.

If Roll20 is the VTT of your choice I would recommend to use the Roll20 Marketplace – so the files don´t get added to your storage quota.

Otherwise: I recommend Patreon – here you have the most options and are always up to date when something new comes along.

why does the currency

On Patreon I use Euro as currency because I am based in Europe myself.
Depending on where you are located, Patreon may show you a the price in your local currency. That price may differ due to currency conversions and exchange rates.

At the Roll 20 marketplace Dollar is the default currency – so I show the price in Dollar here.

Missing some information?

hop on the discord server and tell me!