Dungeondraft Guide

This guide will show you step by step how to import custom assets into dungeondraft and what you might need to help with the creation later on.

Before you start.

If you don’t see the custom assets from a day at in your asset list – make sure you are using the latest version of Dungeondraft.

If not: update and restart the program – now they should be displayed on the list.

How to
import custom assets

in 5 easy steps:

Turn your phone around for a better overview!

Make sure you have the latest version of dungeondraft installed.

You can see which version is currently installed at the top right of the screen

>  If it says “update to date” you are good to go

> Otherwise you can click on it and download the latest version from your HumbleBundle Account.

  • Create a new folder where you want to store your custom assets
  • You can name the folder as you please and the location of the folder does not really matter

Tip 1: Some say that you shouldn´t put the folder in your program files – as this could lead to problems in the readability of the files.

Tip 2: If you want to install a few more custom assets, make sure to install them on a hard drive hat still has enough space available.

Tip 3: Don´t bury it too deep on your computer – so you don´t max out the windows path length limitation of 256 characters.



I created a folder named “customs_Assets” in my Battlemaps folder – so everything stays neat at the same place.

  • Open the custom Assets overlay > “Assets” Tab on the menu
  • Browse to the location of your folder
  • Press accept to save the settings
  • Upload the “.dungeondraft_pack” files in your folder 

Tip: If you don´t have any custom dungeondraft asset packs yet feel free to browse my free content to try some out.

  • Re-open the custom Asset Overlay
  • Check the asset packs you want to activate
  • Press accept to save the settings
  • Start a new map – all chosen asset packs should be activated, you can check it by clicking on the “Edit Asset Pack Selection” Button

Tip: If you upload many custom assets at once it can take a while and possibly lead to crashes. If this is the case, deactivate the packs that you do not urgently need.

How to
use custom assets

some tips and tricks:

Most creators use the tag menu to label their content 

> The a day at content is marked with [ADA]

All modules are automatically integrated in the correct size 

– to ensure that: set the scale to 1


Also helpful:

  • Activate “snap” to snap the image to the grid 
  • Deactivate the shadow

Since there are already many great people who can do much better tutorials – 

I just link to some helpful content and creators here:

Missing some information?

hop on the discord server and tell me!