[#13] a day at the back alley

[#13] a day at the back alley

Let’s spend a day at the most neglected part of the city – in those shady side streets of the city, with narrow back alleys, which become secret battlefields where the gangs are just waiting to ambush you.

Do you dare to venture into the backyards of diners, bars, gas stations and apartment buildings? – Where each alleyway tells its own little story and holds their own dark secrets and every corner holds the potential for unexpected alliances – or deadly betrayals.

Are you prepared to delve into the shadows, where every step could be your last and every corner holds the promise of a new opportunity?

Welcome – to the back alleys.


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What does this content pack include?

for casual, creative & thorough gm´s:

This content pack focuses on more generic content that you can pull out of your sleeve again and again.

This month there are 2 maps with multiple levels:

Here you can find a bar (with a small stage), a gas station, a diner, a kiosk, a motel (or brothel?) and apartments (where the Ripperdoc likes to take a few jobs “under the table”).

However, the themes focused on in this map can also be used independently, which is why this map is also divided into 4 [35×20] cutouts should you need a smaller map…

Detail of the Diner in Map 1:


Here you can find: a bar (with boxing area), a subway station, a kiosk, a diner, a church (with a hidden drug growing operation), the ripperdocs clinic and on the first floor: apartments and an office area with lab (& creepy experiments).

Detail of the Lab in map 2:


The maps come as

  • day & night versions
  • 300 & 100ppi JPG files with and without grid and
  • 300ppi PDF files with grid
  • 300 & 100ppi PNG Files for roof overlays


for creative & thorough gm´s:

About 70 individual Assets in different variations – over 350 in total.

Each of these come as

  • 100ppi PNG files
  • 300ppi PNG files

+ The Dungeondraft [Creative GMs] Pack:

– including all assets as Dungeondraft objects and additional Dungeondraft specific content – such as paths, textures, colorable assets and more


for thorough gm´s:

The back alley Prefabs & Rooms:

10 individual Prefabs – over 130 in total


7 individual Rooms – over 65 in total + door & wall overlays

each of these come as 100ppi & 300ppi PNG files

These are integrated with all the Assets and things from the creative GMs in the Dungeondraft [Thorough GMs] file – so you have all assets, rooms and prefabs in one file.

Most Rooms come as a “normal” and “abandoned” Version.

Here are some examples (scaled to fit):

The following room types (most) with different variations are part of this pack:

Bar –  BASE rooms –   Dressing Room –  Kiosk – Operation – Scrub – Stairs


Also Thorough GMs get the Dungeondraft files of the maps I created for this content pack.


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