[#14] a day at the airport

[#14] a day at the airport

Listen up, team. That was a complete clusterfrag of a mission. 

I can’t wrap my head around how you managed to botch something so straightforward and still come out of it in one piece. All you had to do was wait for the target at the check in, swap the damn suitcase, and leave like normal people. 

But no, you just had to escalate things. I’ll admit, I didn’t anticipate the mark checking in their luggage, especially with such delicate high-value assets inside. But chasing them onto the runway? That was beyond reckless. 

You could’ve slipped into the luggage sorting system, bypassed all the drama, and snatched the package without raising a single alarm. But no, you had to go all in and now we’ve got a burning plane all over the news. 

Despite the chaos you caused, I’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Managing to recover the assets from the cargo hold mid-evacuation and escaping without cuffs? Impressive, but don’t let it go to your heads. I’m not pleased with how things went down, just impressed you managed to salvage the situation. 

And wipe that smirk off your faces. This isn’t a victory lap. If you pull a stunt like this again, I won’t hesitate to boot you from the team. Clear?


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Map 2 [Fire on the Runway]:

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  • day & night versions [map 1 & 2] Others as shown above
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  • 30×30 & 60×60 grid size versions

  • day, night, sundown and thunderstorm

  • 300 & 100ppi JPG files with and without grid and
  • 300ppi PDF files with grid

Airplane Props

  • day, night & sundown coloration
  • 300 & 100ppi gridless png files without background
  • 3 different types: Airplane 1 as passenger  and transport (empty & full) versions, a private plane and a Fighter Jet.


for creative & thorough gm´s:

Over 100 individual Assets in different variations – over 1000 in total.

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+ The Dungeondraft [Creative GMs] Pack:

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for thorough gm´s:

The Airport Prefabs & Rooms:

8 individual Prefabs – over 250 in total

The following individual prefab types are part of this pack:

conveyour belt  – airplane seats –  car trailer  – generic workplace –  luggage trolley –  Luggage-security-check –  shelf –  tower roof


13 individual Rooms – over 200 in total

each of these come as 100ppi & 300ppi PNG files

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Here are some examples (scaled to fit):

The following room types (most) with different variations are part of this pack:

BASE –  bathroom (new floor) –  check in –  conveyor belt –  fire station –  locker (new floor)  – luggage claim  – luggage control  – luggage sorting –  offices –  security check –  storage   – tower


Also Thorough GMs get the Dungeondraft files of Map 1 and 2 

(I haven´t made the airplanes in the air maps in Dungeondraft so I can´t share those as Dungeondraft files).


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