[#17] a day at the mall

[#17] a day at the mall

This month I couldn’t resist and had to make it big again XD
Two big mall maps, lots of assets, prefabs and rooms come with this pack.

I hope you will enjoy fighting your way through the shopping paradises (or hells?) in your sessions.

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What does this content pack include?

for casual, creative & thorough gm´s:

Map 1: Strip Mall [57×47]:

This map comes as modern and abandoned version and has a ground floor and a rooftop:

Map 2: Mall [75×50] [Ground Floor, first Floor + Roof]:

This map comes as modern and abandoned version and has a ground floor, first floor and a rooftop:


The maps come as

  • modern and apocalyptic / abandoned versions

  • Variants with and without cars

  • 300 & 100ppi JPG files with and without grid and

  • 300ppi PDF files with grid

  • 100ppi gridless webp files

  • 300 & 100ppi gridless PNG files for the transparent overlays

for creative & thorough gm´s:

About 100 individual Assets in different variations – over 1500 in total.

Each of these come as

  • 100ppi PNG files

  • 300ppi PNG files

+ The Dungeondraft [Creative GMs] Pack:

– including all assets as Dungeondraft objects and additional Dungeondraft specific content – such as paths, textures, colorable assets and more

 super green = colorable

for thorough gm´s:

The Mall Prefabs & Rooms:

over 350 Prefabs in total with the following main themes:

assortment of miscellaneous stuff – box piles and shoeboxes – clothes piles – shelves – wares

Most Prefabs come as a “normal” and “dirty” Version.


17 different shop types – 90 Rooms in total

each of these come as 100ppi & 300ppi PNG files

These are integrated with all the Assets and things from the creative GMs in the Dungeondraft [Thorough GMs] file – so you have all assets, rooms and prefabs in one file.

Most Rooms come as a “normal” and “abandoned” Version.


The following room types (most) with different variations are part of this pack:

BASE rooms – shops – food court (food distribution)
With the following shops:

Clothes (x8) – Perfumery (x1) – Toys (x1) – Shoes (x2) – Empty (x1) – Arcade (x1) – Kiosk (x1) – flower store (x1) – Jewelry (x1) – Donut store – (x1) Bookstore (x2) – Bag shop (x1) – Hair Salon (x1) – Electronics (x1) – Glasses (x1) – Outdoor (& weapons) (x1)

Here are some examples:


Also thorough GMs get the Dungeondraft files for the maps – so you can change them as you may need. 

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