[#15] a day at the skyscraper

[#15] a day at the skyscraper

“So I am going to give you another shot to work for me – even after that airport fiasco that you have caused, so let’s make this one count. 

Word on the street is there’s a goldmine of intel waiting for us at the Flying Squirrel skyscraper. But make no mistake, this place is the playground of the elite, and security is tighter than a corset at a fancy gala. 

The target? The offices of a high-powered law firm, where some juicy tidbits are sitting pretty on an assistant’s PC. 

Your job? Slip in, snag the data, and vanish like ghosts in the night. Oh, and did I mention the elevators to the important floors are locked down? You’ll need codes to access them – at least at night. 

Once you’ve got the goods, you better get outta there fast. My Helicopter’s on standby for a swift extraction from the rooftop. So, it’s up, up, and away for you. 

Now, I can practically hear your brains whirring, wondering how the heck you’re gonna pull this off. Well, my friends, the world’s your oyster. Blend in with the office drones at happy hour, cozy up to the property management with a mop in hand, or heck, get inventive. The possibilities are endless, and I’ve got full faith in your creative chops. 

I’ve already sent someone over to scout the whole thing out a bit – they´ve made some sketches of some floors, maybe they are of use to you…

This is it, team. The big leagues. So suit up, strap in, and get ready to show ’em what you’re made of. 

Good luck out there, and remember – leave no trace, and don’t get caught.”


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What does this content pack include?

for casual, creative & thorough gm´s:

The Skyscraper Map with 7 unique floors


LEVEL -1 [Underground Parking Garage & Maintenance]:

[As this one´s underground it does not come with a day / night version]


LEVEL 0 / GROUND FLOOR [Foyer, Restaurant & Skyscraper Administration]


LEVEL 1 [Restaurant 2nd lvl & Skyscraper Security]


LEVEL 2 [Office Floor]


LEVEL 3 [Apartment Floor with 8 Apartment units]


LEVEL 4 [Penthouse Floor with 2 Penthouse units]


LEVEL 5 – 7 [Roofs, Maintenance & Helipad]

The maps come as

  • day & night versions 

  • versions with and without blurred backgrounds 

  • 300 & 100ppi JPG files with and without grid and

  • 300ppi PDF files with grid

  • 300ppi gridless webp files

  • 300 & 100ppi gridless PNG files as transparent overlays

NEW with this content pack:

  • webp exports [for more quality in smaller file sizes]

  • new grid [for a more modern & fresh look]:

+ Some Floorplan sketches as Handouts (with and without notes)


for creative & thorough gm´s:

Over 90 individual Assets in different variations – over 1200 in total.

Each of these come as

  • 100ppi PNG files

  • 300ppi PNG files

+ The Dungeondraft [Creative GMs] Pack:

– including all assets as Dungeondraft objects and additional Dungeondraft specific content – such as paths, textures, colorable assets and more

Also including:


Additionally I “upgraded” some of the old Assets [mostly pillows and blankets], and gave them a new and fresher look. Also many assets now got a “dirty” upgrade, so you have more options to create abandoned locations. 

I did not count those to the total Asset counts above! With these we have over 2.200 Assets in total in this content pack!


for thorough gm´s:

The Skyscraper Prefabs & Rooms:

9 individual Prefabs – over 750 in total

The following individual prefab types are part of this pack:

balcony boxes – beds – couches – cubicles – desk clutter – kitchen counter – kitchen tables – nightstands – office desks

Most Prefabs come as a “normal” and “abandoned” Version.


8 individual Rooms – Over 290 in total

each of these come as 100ppi & 300ppi PNG files

These are integrated with all the Assets and things from the creative GMs in the Dungeondraft [Thorough GMs] file – so you have all assets, rooms and prefabs in one file.

Most Rooms come as a “normal” and “abandoned” Version.


The following room types (most) with different variations are part of this pack:

balconies – BASE rooms – bathrooms – bedrooms – kitchens – living rooms – stairs – offices


Here are some examples:


Also thorough GMs get the Dungeondraft files for the maps – so you can change them as you may need it. 


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